NaPoWriMo2016, Poetry

Day Seventeen #NaPoWriMo2016

Let Down (Umpteenth Time)
Interesting choice of words,
including a preamble that does nothing
but drop a bomb.
You don’t want to waste the rest of the day
when forever you have done exactly as you please;
you don’t want to wait long,
your deficient attention span won’t allow it.
Doing your run, finishing a job after accepting the task,
a favour for a friend who told you the pain was too much:
No, you rather sit back and spill a drink
(you never finish what you start),
prefer to hide out of sight
(you’re so fucking good at that).
All your deeds come at a price.

I protected your lies once;
I justified your confused thoughts;
I was the one who validated with fresh ink:
stamp: don’t feel weird
stamp: there’s always a reason
stomp: change your mind and discard.
I wish I was the bitch
to hang the sword above your head;
silly little head with cartoon birds
crashing against the side
of the hardest face.
I wish I had kept the
label: terrifying, high strung, to be feared;
you stole my miles when I offered inches;
you left a stump for an elbow over time.
I want to threaten and I want to scream;
I know better and bite my lip
after its stopped quivering.

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