NaPoWriMo2016, Poetry

Day One #NaPoWriMo2016

Glass monstrosity;
I own this threshold.

April 1st, 2016 means the start of a new NaPoWriMo.
I have decided to take part and intend to complete this project. I have not decided yet how exactly I will approach the next 30 days. I can decide each day, surely.
I like prompts sometimes. They offer a challenge and/or the opportunity to break from the all-too-familiar styles we fall into; creativity’s safety blanket. Personally, I like to be shaken and always hope the fake snowflakes settle differently, teaching me a little bit more about how to get the best out of writing. I like indulging in personal comfort wordplay just as much, hence, lets see how this all plays out. ‘s prompt for today intrigued me.
The “American Haiku” aka lune has just one rule and even so, the rules are no rules; just to be inspired by 5-3-5 (syllables). This makes me think of all the office/pastoral cross-over haikus my team and I wrote as coping mechanism during the hard times. Adding the element of nature was the challenge then but you would be surprised (maybe not?) to discover an office environment can be just as aggressive as the fiercest storm; the cruellest twister; ionized quicksand…
I have always had a tendency to focus on the detail and the small parts that form the bigger picture. sure I can step back and take in larger visions but I prefer to not underestimate the (figurative) atomic weight of the tiniest of things; sure, the Devil is in the detail. Context always answers many questions.
I am therefore using today’s poem to celebrate a smalle-Large event that “just happened”: my front door was fixed. By yesterday, getting in and out of the house had become a lottery, thus today we celebrate (this privileged) freedom. Well, I do, and invite you to celebrate with me.



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