NaPoWriMo2016, Poetry

Day Twenty-Three #NaPoWriMo 2016

Up and Down
Concoction of illegal U turns,
unethical wrong directions
down one way streets,
tallied erratically to kill time,
tailed periodically to reign in,
strictly to survive month to month.
What does the tag hanging from sanity say?
The price to pay
for being free, to keep beasts from biting:
hidden and hermetic strategies
to withstand, minute by minute.
Never known to discriminate potions,
straight up salmagundi:
(you must make it last)
Makeshift lab; cut in halves or dissolve in water,
drink it real slow but absort it so fast
doesn’t need to be straight
just help walk the fine line of balance.
Part-time balm:
can’t make it last, refill, repeat.
Top up.

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