NaPoWriMo2016, Poetry

Day Two #NaPoWriMo2016

To Kick or Not to Kick
If everyone kicks, it will hurt;
hard enough and he could be left to die;
long enough for a dissociative state
and with just the amount of luck he would
never come back to turn lights on and off at will
casting shadows, ready to destroy
the Witches and the Commies
in a Game of Light.

A wish I may a wish I might,
a wish I’ll dare:
to swap each kick for a layer stripped;
to not skip a step,
dampening privilege and soaking all lies
(now turned into abstract make belief).
Anaglypta scraping inch by inch,
not missing a strand.
Kind delousing for we are the subjects
of a different experiment gone
either very wrong or a little too right,
but not self-turned trolls nor the marks
of this con, pushing prophetic agendas.
Endure an endless day in mummified rags;
trip up trying to move when bigotry beats
the same drums which reverberate relentlessly.
The noise will hit you; outdated patterns
won’t offer protection. Your little friends
will always come running but in the end
can you be saved?
After one endless day, have half of forevermore;
blindfolded, dumbstruck, high on life;
bloated from gloating,
blinkered by a magnified focus
with incredibly poor peripheral skills.
   Writing yesterday’s poem left me feeling good: a painless pain, the warming up of muscles ready to stretch without strain but still feeling the worth of each and every move.
I did not expect to deviate from the offered prompts so early into the month, but I think yesterday’s warming up woke my play-by-play poetry responses. I saw a meme on Facebook earlier on today, one which I wanted to agree with but just could not. Since I don’t want to repost the image I will just describe it: the British PM David Cameron holding a sign with text Photoshopped on the sign reading “Share if you’d like to kick me square in the bollocks”. Violence does not solve problems; violence is no substitute for learning or disciplining; tit for tat will not help us be better and having the desire to hit someone is a bad place to start off. I get it, it’s a joke to some: a “cheeky dig”, but it shows what hypocrites we are if as a society we think it is OK or funny to be a hater first and a fixer last. Maybe it isn’t a joke, just a way of expressing desire for equal pain, whichever way available (the lowest common denominator way). Violence is used for brainwashing; I think we need understanding and empathy — and never to be as lowly as those we condemn.
   The challenge today is to write about something specific that needs to make sense; to not get lost (too deep) in analogies and to be brave to speak an opinion. I had to admit I have only just recently started seeing the ingrained injustices and programmed behaviours that we think are OK but really are not. Like with so many other things I struggle drawing a line, or knowing where to draw it, but I am just using this extended note and poem to draw a fat fluorescent yellow line across the concept. If I draw your eyes to the bright colours like mine were to the highlights I saw, maybe you will notice if you haven’t already; maybe you will think about where to draw your line or maybe you will just tell me sometimes we need Zero Tolerance. Grey areas are where great ideas are born but I think we are close to monochrome.

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