Issue 12

We Hate Words

Wednesday comes round quickly, doesn’t it? “Comes”, hehehe. Sorry. The We Hate Words team currently has a one-track mind and we’re being all dirty and rude and innuendo-filled as the climax (fnar) builds to Smut Night, which we’re helping organise. It’s pretty timely then that novelist, poet and lyricist Mercedes Fonseca, aka @cedered on that Twitter, has this week chosen to hate one of many words for ladyparts.

Worst Word – by Mercedes Fonseca

It could be “uvula” or “bulb” or any word with rolled enunciation and puckered vowels but my Worst Word is vulva. Not only does it offend me in form, it annoys me when it comes to meaning and usage.

I am unable to divulge the word without the temptation to follow the second V with a gagging noise. I detest the way the L lingers behind my front teeth or how the Vs tickle…

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