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Data Consolidation (One Bite)

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Three bet using liberty of spirit
or all the residual hunger;
roaring of bellies only quietened by the chanting,
yearning for not more, not less, what’s fair,
considered inherent in faraway lands.
Unseen, unheard, tightly bound wrists;
no nets, broken harness/shattered promises.
To dream is to never forget, bittersweet slumber.
Shy away from surrendering, my darling.


1. Books and Chances; Cauldron Fragments

Count with one hand, fingers, those who know:
with the book selling three, in fact
those days weren’t golden
but were polished brass, just like
Pledged shelved and yellow fluff,
waxy memories that shine, (new)
shine, (secret)
shine, (achtung!)

2. Define: Art; Cauldron Fragments

Would it still be art if suffering wasn’t the drive,
pushing it along,
escalator rubber for you to hold onto
shoved upwards/downwards (dependant on type),
forwards, forced way. Would it still be art?


Grunt and Reckoning

a form of obsession
lust and rejection
don’t mean love

a form of compulsion
left hanging for drying
before going rogue

a disorder
I keep counting
how many seconds
I survived
I keep tallying tattered minutes
to beat the boss
to end the quest
the hours huddle
pretend high stakes

but each inch wraps around
an expanding circumference
the time to witness the pop
is nigh, all mine and have it
shine on my watery eyes
after the scratch washed out
once again rinsing away
geiser beast or pathetic dribble
it’s about to go
less time than on auction floors
the price of compromise


And Forevermore She Was Known as Bloody Mary

You know why you are here, don’t you?
The only question that preceded
the busting of the zip.
Someone in that room had wanted
this moment out of the way. In and Out.
Followed by Out and In. Ding, ding, ding:
It’s happy hour and TFI here, now, finally.
A spoken contract: valid this side of the Isis.
Any salesman will do: you don’t ask,
you don’t plant the seed that grows.
Will; way. Done and dusted.

Something borrowed, split at the seams,
wrapped around the ankles that is returned
a day or two late. You must have at least
washed the weekend wear and tear off the pinstripe.
Promised to have them fixed but never delivered.

Give it to some milkmaid,
or to the singer of a band; beret matches
the painted toenails and broken walls of
that just-missed-the-mark ethereal womanhood
you’ve been pining for.

With a 2.5* average, raise your arm and wish
that the students, dressed to the nines, fail certain tests.
Have you seen the date? That fat cat knows why they
kept coming back, falling in traps. Vortex eats
the young ones first and it’s yet to go on a diet.
I think someone gobbled that one up!
Can’t you spot the wriggling feather?

One five nine got a gullible nibble,
a suck on a morsel, little tricks performed
with big wands, a handshake and a half.
With no riddles it’s no surprise: it’s the right time
to mind the crumbs when eating fruitcakes, by the pair.

It’s been established a negative correlation exists
between present time, oldish age, and the ability
to initiate, infiltrate, concentrate just long enough
to deploy force following the gathering of information.
Bias counts for nothing: bad memory is what’ll get you.

Lights, camera, action.

(*The number can change)



didn’t steal, didn’t want
haven’t asked for
a windswept fact
driven into the ground
reinforcing concrete
specific and detailed
press on and remind
of how very difficult
everything is
stood the ground
hands on the counter
fighting flying boxes
with dot matrix fire balls



I weirded myself out
turning digital shapes
into messages from beyond
Cryptic salvation
foretold and hammered
down, into
Three time’s a charm
Another three for luck
Well, three times three
Billy goats,
runes and scraping spit
on a dish
served luke-warm
Manic patterns
out of nothing: incomplete
dusty webbing
Threadless embroidery
ready to dab on your marks



do you not get
the simple truth
don’t complicate this
now we know
it is what it is
to experiment with cola
is safer than to break
glass houses with branded stones
smash it goes, implodes
blinded forever, bandaged eyes
no better way to hide:
believing that if you can’t see
you won’t be spied



the fastest rollercoaster
fancy loopaloops but they keep you hanging
just a milisecond too long
suspended gut
the tiniest dot
swirling in space
just hanging wrong
at that moment in time
ledges upon edges
in marble, dirt or stone
smooth, smooth stone
sliding through into the rim of a mouth
monstrous hole
lip’s sore, tingling
tentative little steps
fearful tippy-toes
until the throb, the stomp





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