Oldies, Poetry

Data Consolidation (Third Bite)

First published: PoV Symposium



This episode comes weeks late:
literal words and clues
to find
little crumbs;
foodstuffs never to brush
the lips that spit and shout,
barely make sense of a plot
that was clear.
See-through boards
only work on camera.
Trail of clues,
what was pondered:
the heartache
and racing;
loops in hoops,
wistful littering,
contamination of a wisdom
soon to depart,
maybe already gone.
Can pass a message on,
can take notes
but it’s hard to forget
which details to remember
and should’ve just
switched off.



and here: PoV Symposium


Take the time he made up the gaps
between what was and could have been.
Chunks of elaborate scenes
that often play out muted
or in black and white;
elements to further speculate about
remain blurred in the corners,
for now. Just for now.
Take now and a certified air of reluctance,
a swamped-out stomp.
Take the times that didn’t come free,
take those and run.
Reclaim the mulch,
celebrating in mud baths



you, special eyes you
seeing differently
what radioactive spill
made gamma waves
from your gaze
the arrow goes
across the page
all the way to the right
past the knot in the wood
dreams of bricks
coats of lead
further across
through a river of salt
over dales with no depth
what shade fades
diluted in plastic cups
half full
conditioned responses
which hue comes through
if you squint or you rub
it still rings true
yet they weren´t open
this time


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