I sit here all day

It is no exaggeration

I can´t help remember when I needed patching up…Christmas Eve ´82


and here

It didn’t happen until the batteries ran out on NYE

It was like having a phantom limb

This is worse though

This is phantom freedom.

Illustrations, Oldies

Illustration- Phantom Freedom

Illustrations, Oldies, Poetry

POV Magazine

POV Magazine

Passing Out Victorious Magazine (POV Magazine)

Issue 2- Power: Pages 192-193; Title: Atomic Number of an Undesirable and Title: Five Step Ladder

Issue 3- Identity: Page 113; Illustration: Say Hello to Sheriff Pimiento

Issue 4 The Human Condition: Pages 78-79; Title: The New Homemaker and Title: Narkào

Issue 7 Hate: Page 74; Title: Vibrissa

Issue 8- This Modern Life: Page 17; Title: Heterodyne  ( )