I sit here all day

It is no exaggeration

I can´t help remember when I needed patching up…Christmas Eve ´82


and here

It didn’t happen until the batteries ran out on NYE

It was like having a phantom limb

This is worse though

This is phantom freedom.

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Illustration- Phantom Freedom

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Data Consolidation (4. Another Slice)

More Oldies. Some of these go as far back as 2001.


I will say it out loud
because no one else can hear
the edgy words in the fountain
of my frothy mouth.

I’ll admit that I leaped;
moving targets never scared
the Mata-Hari of my sweaty Continue reading

Oldies, Poetry

Data Consolidation (Second Bite)

(continued from Data Consolidation (One Bite))


One way only. No ring-road
that will take me to the beginning
of the journey known as the
greatest waste of air. Breathing
mud, packed with lies and tapeworm
eggs settling exactly where the
lust resides. Continue reading

Oldies, Poetry

Data Consolidation (One Bite)

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Three bet using liberty of spirit
or all the residual hunger;
roaring of bellies only quietened by the chanting,
yearning for not more, not less, what’s fair,
considered inherent in faraway lands.
Unseen, unheard, tightly bound wrists; Continue reading

Illustrations, Oldies, Poetry

POV Magazine

POV Magazine

Passing Out Victorious Magazine (POV Magazine)

Issue 2- Power: Pages 192-193; Title: Atomic Number of an Undesirable and Title: Five Step Ladder

Issue 3- Identity: Page 113; Illustration: Say Hello to Sheriff Pimiento

Issue 4 The Human Condition: Pages 78-79; Title: The New Homemaker and Title: Narkào

Issue 7 Hate: Page 74; Title: Vibrissa

Issue 8- This Modern Life: Page 17; Title: Heterodyne  ( )