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Sort of AWOL

I have been spending time trying to stay on top of my ailments. Physio rock sort of works; physio belly dance, physio flamenco hands in sync with Nu-Metal 😉

I have submitted a couple of poems to Litmus Publishing- Diagnostics but have been playing with images and shapes rather than with words. There is some cross contamination / multi platform sharing.     EyeEm Photographs



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May 12th; International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

Fibromyalgia Action UK – FMAUK

Fibromyalgia Awareness UK

UK Fibromyalgia – Research News

Pain UK- Charity Alliance

Furthermore, it is also the awareness day and month for M.E –Awareness for ME, CFS and FM Facebook page




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Art Share — Rab Art Eddie Alfaro

via Instagram rab_art_eddie_alfaro Instagram

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Mslexia Women’s Poetry Competition 2016

Issue 69 (Mar/Apr/May 2016)

With springtime comes the launch of our our annual Women’s Poetry Competition! First prize is £2,000, plus a retreat at the beautiful Cove Park and a mentoring session with The Poetry Review editor. We also have a special prize for unpublished poets, to make this a brilliantRead More

Source: Issue 69 (Mar/Apr/May 2016)

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WestbourneGoods on Etsy

WestbourneGoods-Etsy: Vintage Costume Jewellery and Other Vintage Curios

WestbourneGoods on Facebook



WestbourneGoods was born because of many different reasons converging:

Chronic illness does not mix well with insatiable curiosity. It all began with a single Sarah Coventry cameo brooch from a local charity shop.

Items include: vintage costume jewellery such as brooches, clip on earrings, necklaces, bangles from Victorian/Edwardian times to present. Note that Etsy requires that Vintage Items are at least twenty years old.

For newer item, or those really scraggly bits that become treasures to other people:

CedeWestbourne Ebay Listings