NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2018, Poetry

NaPoWriMo 2018- Day Thirty


Title: Clean Cicatrix


Almost always faithful, I know this machine’s language:
a stubborn double blink for hunger,
a lazy beep for exhaustion,
spewed up suds for frustration,
silence when scorned.

Almost always thorough, I see the untouched stains:
betraying erstwhile misgivings,
anointed medals on cloth, in remembrance
of every single defaced imperfection.

Always the wildest, loudest; sightless fighter:
bleached blindfolds distract all senses
in a chlorine afterthought; two-fold function:
repelling visible light and the intoxication
of a sombre reality.

NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2017, Poetry

NaPoWriMo/ GloPoWriMo 2017 Day Thirty (plus epilogue)

(I end this challenge late but on what I feel is a playful high. Events and challenges welcome us to step out of comfort zones and to have fun our precious words. Safe and samey? Oh no! 

To those to have read my 2017 contribution to April Poetry Challenge Month: thank you! x)



do you
do you do you do
try as hard as you
try try try as much much
as you you you
do you
hard as nails
sharp hard
can you
hard hard hard
try try

will you lo    o     sen up
l   e    t        go
go    go g   o g     o
re al        f    a    r
a    w    a    y
far away
far so far so hard
you tr
bre ath ing in and o    u
in      and      ou    t
and o ut

NaPoWriMo2016, Poetry

Day Thirty #NaPoWriMo 2016

Much Rather
Wearing an orange hat
Overhauling inside and out
          plastic bag
Making a fist
          sweaty palms
Timely arrival at door
          half dressed, van off
Celebrating Merits
          surprise wailing
To own a helium head
          heavy metals
On a beach, somewhere, mostwheres
          microwave wheat bag
Spa massages and all you can eat
          sticky physio
A day not brought to me by the letter F
          name and nature

NaPoWriMo2016 – Closing Thoughts

April 2016 is now over and so is the ’30 poems in 30 days’ challenge.

The Facebook page where I posted them originally:

I wrote two rhyming poems, which I usually shy away from. I wrote a couple of acrostic poems too; haikus and lunes; experimental forms, and ultimately tried to have fun with it. Absolute success, as amid horrible headaches and jumbled up errands, I found my voice can be louder than I though it could be. I also found out that I can say anything I want. I forced myself to not self censor and to avoid the hiding behind analogies all the time. I know there are phrases or words that repeat from poem to poem but considering the nature of the project I think it sews all them all together; communal stitches of cohesion.

These 30 come from deep inside, I cannot deny that. I do not think I mind that kind of nakedness too much.