NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2017, Poetry

NaPoWriMo/ GloPoWriMo 2017 Day Twenty-Three


I don’t think you know the definition of incidental,
not in the way you use it.
It would be so cheap to just quote a meaning
but I might be able to explain in a way you understand.

Incidental is minor,
incidental isn’t the star of the show,
incidental is the gold you find when
discovering the money-making crops.

In this case I had no blueprints
but outlined where the fault reverberates.
The one before you may have not been familiar
with the difference between left and right
or is a time wasting saboteur.

I know where I pointed at.
I know where they looked.
I know what they found.
I know because my question was answered
in situ, post exploration, probe in hand.
The mare spoke clearly and took no bribes.

Please, in order to not  insult me further,
do not insist that these findings are
what you flippantly say they are.
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